Graphite Electrodes Market 2020 Research Strategies, Trend and Future Development Status, Forecast by 2025

Graphite electrodes Market  have high mechanical strength at high temperatures, favorable electrical properties, low impurity content, high electrical and heat conductivity, high vibrational resistance, and chemical stability.

Scope of The Report:

Graphite Electrodes Market applies the most effective of each primary and secondary analysis to weighs upon the competitive landscape and also the outstanding market players expected to dominate Graphite Electrodes Market place for the forecast 2019– 2025.

Graphite electrodes are huge cylindrical structures created of petroleum coke (needle coke).These electrodes are accessible in large or small diameters for high-intensity and high-temperature applications. Graphite electrodes are majorly employed in electric arc furnaces for steel manufacturing. They are also employed in smelting and steel refining processes. The major application of graphite electrodes is in making of non-ferrous metals and steel. Features such as low electrical conductivity, high heat resistance, low chemical reactivity, and resistance to thermal shock are predicted to power the requirement for graphite electrodes.

The ultra-high power section added up for a huge share of the graphite electrodes market. It is predicted to stay the dominant section during the coming period. Fused materials and steel & non-ferrous metal were the major application sections of the graphite electrodes market and are predicted to rule market during the coming period.

Key Players in the Graphite Electrodes Market Report

The major players included in the global graphite electrodes market forecast are GrafTech International, Showa Denko K.K., Nippon Carbon Co. Ltd., Graphite India Limited, Kaifeng Carbon Co., Ltd., HEG Limited, SEC Carbon, Ltd., Nantong Yangzi Carbon, Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd., and Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd.

Graphite Electrodes Key Market Segments:

Electrode Grade:

Ultra High Power (UHP)

High Power (SHP) & Regular Power (RP)


Electric Arc Furnace

Ladle Furnace

Non-steel Application

Increase In Utilization Of Steel Scrap Is Predicted To Power Requirement For Graphite Electrodes

Factors such as increase in requirement for graphite electrodes in end-use sectors, high demand from the steel industry, and increase in utilization of steel scrap are predicted to power requirement for graphite electrodes. Graphite electrodes have high mechanical strength at high temperatures, favorable electrical properties, low impurity content, high electrical and heat conductivity, high vibrational resistance, and chemical stability. Graphite electrodes employed in EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) offer flexibility in varying its steel manufacturing unlike the blast furnace technique of steel production. EAF units can be rapidly stopped and started, permitting the steel mill to differ production as per demand. Due to quick turnaround time, flexibility, and lower fixed costs of EAF, they have attained fame among steel producers.

Market by Regional Analysis

North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK, France, Germany, Russia, Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, South Korea, India, Japan, Rest of Asia-Pacific), LAMEA, Latin America, Middle East, Africa

Asia Pacific Has The Biggest Share In Terms Of Production And Consumption Capacity Of Graphite Electrodes In The Global Scenario

Asia Pacific led the global market in terms of share. China has the biggest share in terms of production and consumption capacity of graphite electrodes in the global scenario. The new policy obligations in Beijing and other major areas in the nations force the steel makers to close 1.25 million tons of steel capacity produced via environmentally harmful manner so as to create a new 1 million ton of steel capacity. Such rules have supported the shift of makers to the EAF method from conventional methods of steel production.

The rising production of motor vehicles, together with the growing residential construction sector, is predicted to power the domestic requirement for iron and steel and non-ferrous alloys, which is a positive factor for the development of the graphite electrode requirement in the years to come. The present production capacity in China of UHP graphite electrodes is almost 50 thousand metric ton annually. The requirement for UHP electrodes in China is also predicted to see a significant development in the long term and an extra capacity of UHP graphite electrodes of more than 50 thousand metric ton is predicted to be seen by the later stages of the coming period. All the above-mentioned factors are predicted to grow the graphite electrode demand in the region during the coming period.

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