Demand for Dry Shampoo Highest in Future

Dry shampoo is basically a type of shampoo that reduces the greasing of hair and cleans it without requiring much water. It is usually available in two forms namely aerosol spray and powder. The shampoo absorbs the oil and grease present in the hair and on the scalp and makes the hair look fresh and shiny. There has been a rapid expansion of the global dry shampoo industry over the last few years, mainly because of the increasing popularity of the product, especially amongst the working-class people because of its lower water requirements.

Apart from eliminating the need for frequent hair washes, dry shampoo also acts as an instant hairstyling solution that allows users to reduce the time taken for washing and styling their hair. Furthermore, the development of dry shampoo products such as tinted dry shampoo, glitter dry shampoo, and dry shampoo texture sprays is massively contributing toward the soaring popularity of dry shampoo all over the world. In addition to this, the growth of many e-commerce platforms and the aggressive advertising campaigns launched by the dry shampoo producing companies are also boosting the sales of these products throughout the world.

The main factors driving the advancement of the dry shampoo market in the APAC region are the increasing requirement of anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff dry shampoos, the rapid expansion of the cosmetics and hair care industry, the rising usage of hair care and styling products, and the swift growth of many retail channels in the region. In addition to this, the region is witnessing a drastic shift in fashion trends, which is contributing heavily toward the surge of the market in the region.

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Hence, the market will demonstrate stable growth in the coming years, primarily due to the various advantages of dry shampoo over regular shampoo and the increasing requirement of advanced hair care and styling products across the world.